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  • Skate to life experiences

    There's a lot more happening inside the rink ,This is where the journey begins.All dreams start somewhere. Start your child's dream here today.

  • Experienced Team

    We are proud to say that our team comprises not only of certified coaches but also includes sports nutritionist, a sports counselor & sport psychologist. We are also associated with a panel of the best of the sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists and fitness instructors all over Chhattisgarh.

  • Roller Skate to a brighter future

    The lessons learned in roller skating are also lessons in life. The confidence and joy you see your kids gain today will become the greatness your kids achieve in the world tomorrow.

  • Skate to a new you

    Roller skating is not just for kids. It's for the kid inside all of us. Whether you're entering a rink for the first time or rekindling this lost love years later,waiting for you to come out and explore.

  • Skate to Superpowers

    Imagine your kids growing mightier and mightier with every glide. Our trained instructors give them the physical and mental skills to conquer the day and take on life with confidence.

  • Skate to more fulfilling

    The wonders of Roller skating create cherished memories for you and your kids that start with giggles and end with hugs.


Roller Skating Club

T rueno Roller Skating Club came into function in the year 2015 and since then it has worked very hard to popularize this sport in Chhattisgarh state amongst the children covering the age group of 3 years to 40 years. Speed Skating today is a lifetime fitness sport for individuals of all ages. Speed Skating provides both cardiovascular and aerobic benefits as well as improving muscle strength, balance, and coordination. Today, Speed Skating can be enjoyed year round with indoor/outdoor skating facilities found throughout the world. Probably the Best type of Speed Skating is that which is done outdoors, challenging the skater against the elements of nature that try to test the skater's skill, fatigue and desire to race the wind.

Our vision is to create clubs all over India that truly believes in producing international level champions. TRSC not just focuses on making winners but also inculcating the spirit of healthy competition. TRSC is not just a club, it's a family with a common goal of learning and achieving. TRSC conducts regular skating classes at various locations in Chhattisgarh. TRSC provides basic, intermediate and advance training in various disciplines of skating.

Why Trueno

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Registered & Affiliated

Trueno Roller Skating Club is registered & affiliated with Chhattisgarh State Roller Skating Association, which is affiliated with Roller Skating Federation of India (RSFI).

Achieve Your Dreams

TRSC team is regularly participating in various Inter Club, District, State, CBSE, National level competitions. TRSC skaters have won more than 100 Medals in these competitions till date.

Experience & Certified Trainer

TRSC is managed by the senior International Skaters & State certified Coaches. TRSC has developed number of District, State, CBSE and National Level Champions.

Confidence Boost-Up

TRSC provides a fun and safe skating experience for skaters of every age and all abilities, while teaching correct technique and promoting health and wellness.

Training Level

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Beginners Training

So if you have decided to start rolling. This is for enthusiasts and starters who want to explore the sport be it for fun or fitness. We start gently at one place where we talk a bit about theory and learn a few skating essentials before we start to roll. Then the fun really starts. A student needs to be around 3 years old to begin with this sport. Beginners generally start either with tenacity skates or the quad ones. We emphasize that the student learns at his own pace.

Intermediate Training

Once you are done with the basics, you are now on a skill building exercise. We work on progressions leading to skills related to gliding, striding, turning, braking, etc. We also encourage you to participate in local club competitions so as to expose you to the real world of skating. You are also ready to take part in skating rallies, street skating or any other skating events.

Advanced Training

Now you are all set for championships. You are now in one of the prime league of high level skating where the main focus is developing techniques, increasing aerobic and anaerobic capacities, learning competitive pressure handling and racing strategies. More importantly you now start participating in International/National level competitions.

Roller Skating Benefits

A fun way to increase muscular strength and cardio-respiratory endurance. An effective exercise for getting and staying in shape. Great for improving balance and flexibility. A fantastic source of aerobic exercise. A key to weight control. Easy to learn. A great tension reliever and enthusiasm booster. An excellent way to help maintain good health.

Additional Benefits A fun way to increase muscular strength and cardio-respiratory endurance. Loss of weight and inches. Mental clarity and social connectivity will improve. Improved eating and sleeping habits. Toned-up muscles. Lowered blood pressure. Stress reduction. More energy. Good for mood. Improve endurance. Better self-image.

Challenge Completed


1st Inter Club Speed Roller Skating Championship Raipur 2016

CBSE Far East Zone Speed Roller Skating Championship 2016.

9th Chhattisgarh State Level Championship, Raipur 2016

CBSE Far East Zone Speed Roller Skating Championship 2017.


8th Chhattisgarh State Level Championship, KPS, Durg 2015.

Chhattisgarh 1st Skating Carnival, Khalsa Public School, Durg 2016.

Durg District Roller Skating Championship, KPS, Durg 2017.

Expert Skaters

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Anurag Bhandari

Senior Coach
International Skater
RSFI Speed Technical Official 2017
Chhattisgarh Certified Coach

Anindya Joshi

Senior Coach
National Skater
Chhattisgarh Certified Coach

Dilraj Thind

International Skater
Chhattisgarh Certified Coach

Sourabh Choudhary

Assistant Coach

Palash Sharma

Assistant Coach

Over 200 members and growing, We love our team.

Happy Parents

Parents say about us

    • My son Ishaan has been skating for about a year and the progress he has made is commendable. Ishaan is very passionate about skating and this passion arises from the positivity and perseverance of his coach, he joined Trueno Roller Skating Club because I wanted the best training for my son. But what I am experiencing is way better than the best Trueno Roller Skating Club recognizes the learning ability of each child and drives them to render their optimal performance with utmost confidence. Trueno Roller Skating Club is not only led by a record-setter in the field of skating, but his team do absolute justice in bringing out the best from toddlers to advanced skaters and hence keeping the Club simply a class apart from any other!

      - Neha Tibrewal Mittal
    • It has been such an amazing experience for my son Divraj to train with his coach. He has not only got the best skill, technique, timing training but has benefitted from Trueno Roller Skating Club mentorship and the entire group of kids and parents is like a family. Trueno Roller Skating Club is encouraging, pushing and also empathetic of kids academics and rest. As a parent I rarely go to class as I am so sure that my son will be cared for and taught well.

      - Randeep Kaur Trehan
    • My son Vibhav Deo started speed roller skating in March 2016. he was just 5 years old and he played his first competition and he got bronze medal in 500 metre race and moreover in November he secured a gold medal in state level Championship. all the credit goes to his coaches, During his classes he learned a good lesion for his life and the most important changes in his life was earlier he used to get very sick but since when he joined the skating class, all this problem was overcome. He is training under the guidance of his coach that are very caring about the children and every children love them very much and also on the other hand they are very diligent and aware of the work .I suggest others who want to make their kids a good skater can join the "trueno roller skating club" as this is one of the best training centre for the skaters without any doubt

      - Sheeba Deo

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